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Do I need a Commercial EPC?





Commercial EPCs (Commercial Energy Performance Certificates) will be required if you are selling or renting/letting a commercial property or non domestic dwelling such as a shop, office, pub or commerical premises.

How Long is an EPC valid for?

An EPC for commercial property is valid for 10 years whether you are selling or renting/letting premises.

Selling a Commercial Property

You will need to obtain a EPC for Commercial property prior to the first day of marketing your shop/office/non domestic dwelling.  These Commercial EPCs must then be made available to any prospective buyers and given to the new property owners.



Commercial EPCs (Commerical Energy Performance Certificate) must be obtained by the landlord prior to letting/renting the commercial property and be made available to all prospective tennants. The original copy must then be given to the new tennant.

What is a Commercial EPC?


Commercial EPCs will consist of a Energy Performance Certificate accompanied by a Recommendations Report.


The landlord or owner then uses the EPC for commercial premises to discover ways to improve the energy efficiency of the building.


Commercial EPC prices do vary greatly compared with domestic EPC prices due to the complexity of the data collected.

As we are an independant company with our own Commercial Energy EPC Assessors (CEA) we have the advantage of being able to move swiftly and quickly to provide your Commercial EPCs.  Our turnaround period is generally between 48-72 hours depending on the location and size of building. Our area generally covers all of  Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire and Bristol but are able to travel anywhere in England and Wales if necessary to provide you with your Commercial EPCs.


If you would like a competitive quote for Commercial EPCs or if you require any information please contact John Harrison on mobile 077 66 043 629 or email us by using our contact Gloucestershire Energy Assessors form.








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