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Gloucestershire Energy Assessors

EPC Cost for Domestic Properties

EPC - £80

EPC & Floorplan - from £90

No Vat - What you see is what you pay!

Who is responsible for ordering the EPC?

It is the duty of the house seller to ensure that the Energy Performance EPC Certificate is provided, and there is a penalty for non complience which is enforced by Trading Standards Officers.

How Quickly can you do my EPC?
We aim to book the appointment, visit your property and produce the Energy Performance Certificate Graph within 3 days.  This will of course depend on us being able to access the property, and current workload.  If you have a particular requirement for an urgent Energy Performance EPC Certificate, then please let us know when enquiring and we will try to accommodate.

How do I check my EPC Assessor?
If you would like to check the qualifications or credentials of your EPC Assessor then visit the Government owned Landmark EPC Register website and enter the information you have (ie EPC Assessor Name).


We cover all of Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire (Gwent), and Herefordshire including Forest of Dean, Coleford, Lydney, Cinderford,  Chepstow, Malverns, Cotswolds, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Wye Valley, Usk.

If there are more questions regarding Energy Performance EPC Certificates or you would like to book an appointment then please phone John Harrison on Mob: 07766 043 629



HOME EPC - for private home owners


If you have made the decision to sell (or rent) your house or domestic residential property then you will need a Energy Performance EPC Certificate Assessment.  This can usually be ordered through your estate agent or direct with the energy assessor such as ourselves.

What is an EPC?

An Energy Performance EPC Certificate is an assessment of your homes' energy use and carbon dioxide emissions in addition to a report giving recommendations on how to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Does my Property need an EPC?

If your property is a dwelling (ie a residential property) and has a roof, walls and uses energy, then you will need an Energy Performance EPC Certificate EPC sell (or rent) the property.

Buildings which don't need an EPC

There are a few buildings which don't need an Energy Performance EPC Certificate such as : places of worship, temporary buildings that will be used for less than 2 years, non-residential agricultural buildings.  If you think your property may fall into this catagory, please contact us to check current legislation.

Do I need to have the EPC before marketing/selling my house?

The EPC Certificate graph needs to be commissioned or ordered and paid for when your domestic/residential property is put on the market but won't need to have been received before putting the property on the market, as long as the EPC graph is in the hands of the estate agent within 28 days of marketing the property and is received before entering into a contact to sell the property.

Can I re-use the EPC which was in my HIPs Home Information Pack?

Yes, EPC Energy Performance Certificates surveys are now valid up to 10 years

I have my EPC now but would like to know how I can improve the energy efficiency of my home?
If you visit the government Landmark website and use their EPC Advisor tool, this will give you personal advise you how to make your home more energy efficient and calculate how much carbon and money you could save.


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